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Hey, this is Dennis Wong FTC from New York, NY. Now I am working on business contract issues in the USA. I have also participated in fixed-term contracts pros and cons, fixed-term employment contract

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I am a small business owner, editor, and consultant in New York, NY. Read my blog.

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Fixed-term employment is a contract in which a firm or a business employs a worker for a particular amount of time. Most of the time it is for a year yet can be renewed after the term expires depending upon the requirement. In a fixed-term employment, the worker is out the payroll of the firm.

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The authorized agreement letter have to be gone back to the Office of Human Being Resources before the agreement will be completely performed as well as committed to the employee's workers file and Banner document.

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Hi, I am Dennis Wong Ftc, , living in United States. Browse through my page and posts on Trepup, an eBusiness platform to connect, communicate and sell.

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